Nikhil Thareja (Joint Managing Director)


Career Glitz is one of the most successful and trusted recruiting agency available in India. Every year this agency has had a major contribution in the success of some big multinational companies by providing them with the best staff. The one man that has had a major contribution in the success attained by Career Glitz is Mr. Nikhil Thareja. He is the Joint Managing Director of this agency. He has a total of 6 years experience in this industry but is highly capable of choosing the selected candidates and then recruiting them to the companies. He along with his team ensures in hiring only deserving candidates and with this has consistently maintained the high repute of Career Glitz being the number one recruiting agency.

Mr. Nikhil Thareja is well qualified and has earned a Masters in Business Management and this makes him ideal for knowing about the different business requirements of the industry. The business organizations and the jobseekers have always been grateful for the loyal and best recruiting services provided by Career Glitz. This agency has served as the most trusted connection between the candidates and the corporate organizations looking for skilled staff. Mr. Nikhil Thareja with his business skills has managed to be the right role model for the candidates as well as for his team of consultants. Although there are several recruiting agencies available in the business but Career Glitz has set a track record for having the fastest recruitment services and with reliable results. They have even successfully provided great team for several international organizations and continue to do the same. Career Glitz is even one of those few companies that make client satisfaction their primary priority. In years of providing recruiting services there has never been case of mismatch while recruiting candidates to the various business organizations.



Mukta Digani (Joint Managing Director)

Several small scale or large scale business organizations require professional and highly skilled staff. This is one choosing a highly dependable and best in business recruiting service provider is very important. Career Glitz is one such company that can be blindly trusted for hiring the best professionals for multinational as well as small industries. The Joint Managing Director of this company who is Mrs. Mukta Digani has had a major role to play in this company’s growing popularity. She withholds 12 years of experience in this industry and this experience is to put to good use while recruiting professionals for various industry requirements. Mrs. Mukta Digani is highly qualified with a Masters in HR and this makes her perfect to judge the professionals during the recruitment process.

Career Glitz is approached by many top companies for manpower. The staff provided by this recruiting company are highly trained in their own respective fields and have years of expertise in handling the services allotted to them. This agency has even been rated to be one of the best recruiting agencies available in India. Their vision is to provide the best manpower services that will help in the growth and success of the business organization. The clients of Career Glitz have even expressed about supportive Mrs. Mukta Digani has been for providing the right manpower services according to their individual client and organizational requirements. she very well understands the industry requirements and has a team of reliable consultants that makes the recruitment process quick and with best output. Career Glitz is the ideal platform for both jobseekers as well as for the multinational companies looking for a trusted staff setup. With Mrs. Mukta Digani’s right guidance and constant support several business organizations have had the same staff for years and continues to reach greater heights with their teams support.