Building a relationship

If you’ve got outstanding relationship-building skills there are some careers that you might be particularly suited to. Careers that are built upon relationships require that employees are able to build and maintain a client base. Being personable, able to remember the fine details, and having the confidence to market yourself are all important aspects of these careers. If you’re considering a career move that makes use of your keen interpersonal skills, please contact us, we may be able to fine-tune your career.



Helping All Alike

The Vision of Career Glitz is to become one of the top recruiting agencies in India. Our focus has always been on growth and satisfying the needs of our customers - jobseekers and corporates alike. We help hiring across various market sections for international organizations as well as major Indian business-houses.




Confidentiality is an ethical standard that protects clients from disclosure or information without their consent. Client contacts with our counseling services are confidential. We will not answer questions about clients from friends, partners, faculty, parents, employers, or anyone else outside the counseling services staff. Counseling Services staff meet as needed to discuss crisis cases and to support each other in assisting all clients.


Whatever the sector we connect

Career glitz is extremely pleased to commit itself to providing the best standards of relationship-making and career enhancement opportunities in the market. Over 75% of our revenue comes from our current customers, which is a review of happy customers.